Specializing in SAP® PRA and JVA consulting
and software integration services for
oil and gas exploration & production companies as well as for hydrocarbon
storage and other minerals-related industries.

The E&P lifecycle, with profitability and balance sheet by venture, can now be reflected in the SAP® New GL! 



Comprehensive ERP Consulting

Upstream System Integrators  simplifies the experience of implementing or improving your SAP® environment by utilizing industry knowhow and consulting competency.


Design documents, or Blueprints, as they are referred as, are a major key to any successful ERP implementation.  Avoid the common pitfalls!


Upstream System Integrators, LLC


knowledge base

Upstream System Integrators emphasizes knowledge of industry AND of ERP consultancy. 

Other firms frequently choose to emphasize only one knowledge base or the other.  Pick the right team!